Doglet Gets In Deeper…

Just a couple of weeks ago we marveled at how high the Great Pond at Quansoo was getting. Crab Creek was getting full.


A week later, the water had risen past the Creek edges. The Pond was spreading out over nearby lowland.


Some wading was necessary for humans and doglets to reach the beach.


Yesterday, with another week gone by, there was a lot more water.

The Pond has gotten a lot higher, and is about as full as we’ve ever seen.

In the photo below, what is water is usually dry road.


There was one high spot to put the truck.


There was a lot of water between us and the Crab Creek Bridge.

IMG_2750 (1)

It was pretty deep for a dog that is not sure if she likes water.

And almost too deep for calf-height boots.


Coquina is just not sure about this…she persists…with encouragement.


Atta girl!


Shake it!


Victories like this mean she’s much braver about water. A few minutes later she was happily in the shallows at the Pond’s edge.


She was investigating floating feathers.

IMG_2793 (1)

Going back…

IMG_0548 (2)

was not a problem.


Time to get in the truck, towel off, and head home…


Postscript: Just days after this was written, a major northeast storm brought 60-80 MPH winds. The Great Pond, usually pleasant or even placid, had major waves.


This is NOT the ocean!

The storm brought over three-and-a-half inches of rain. I went down near the height of it to find the water almost a foot deeper. During a calmer moment I was able to get this picture. The wind was so powerful it was hard to stand.

IMG_2936 (1)

Coquina did not come on this trip. It would have been too much for her.

One response to “Doglet Gets In Deeper…

  1. Someone told my plumber that Kent Healy said the pond needs to be six inches higher before it gets opened … Is that six inches deeper in my basement?

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