Just For Pretty

Some things are “just for pretty”.

Like this post.

February has been wet and warmer than usual. The snowdrops, oddly, were later than usual.


When the snowdrops come, it’s a sign that the winter aconite is soon to follow.

IMG_0467 (1)

Eranthis Hyemalis.

IMG_0468 (1)

Here’s a link from the Missouri Botanic Garden. They’re good people.


IMG_0474 (1)

We love these compact splashes of yellow.


They’re happy growing under some of our blueberry bushes, and especially favor a semi-shaded damp spot to the north of our garden fence.

IMG_0479 (1)

Here’s to the coming of spring.


There’s a northeast storm predicted for tomorrow and the next day. If it blows and rains as hard as “they” say, these blossoms are going to get beaten up. I’m going to go out in the yard later this morning and will get on my hands and knees for a good appreciation session, just in case the storm ruins them.

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