Thing of Beauty: The Arse End of a Dead Bird

Some family members have just returned from a trip to their home in Costa Rica. On their last day they found a hole in one of their screens. Soon afterwards they found what had made the hole: a fiery aracari had flown at speed into the screen, breaking its neck in doing so.

An avian tragedy. I’ll maybe post a few more photos of this creature, but in the meantime, here’s one. The picture leapt out from the others. I love it. It’s the arse end of a dead bird on a floor. You’d think there’d be no point in even looking at such a thing. You wouldn’t think such a photo could be beautiful.

I think it is.


Fiery Aracari, Dos Rios, Costa Rica. Photo by Peter Valtin.

4 responses to “Thing of Beauty: The Arse End of a Dead Bird

  1. I’ll get to a post with other images of the cusinga…they’re incredibly colored creatures. The image in this post strikes me first because of its composition and its colors. Since I know the place where this photo was taken, for me it also triggers a host of memories and associations. Which admittedly does not convey to someone who does not have those memories.

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