Old Upside Down Bottoms

Off-season in late February, at a private boat landing on Town Cove, the Pond water is high. So high that access to the old dock is boots-only. Along the edges of the access road and where cars sometimes park, tucked into the bushes, the small craft of summer wait the good-weather-warm-time return of their owners.

For sleeping boats, winter is bottoms-up time.

IMG_0321 (1)

Some bottoms are bedecked with barnacles.


Exposed bottoms reveal the use and care, and the time spent in or out of water, that these craft have received. Close inspection of the bottoms is rewarding to the eye.


That little old fiberglass sailing dinghy whose photo is at the start of this post had a particularly fascinating bottom.


Given the deep stains and the massive patches of barnacles, this poor little bottom must have endured a long period of sunken neglect.

You can see pictures in the remnant stains.


Puffy clouds in a summer sky.


Surf splashing on a summer shore.


On this damp and chilly day, It’s warming to imagine a a day long-ago, with that blue sky and those cumulus clouds above, moving along steadily, with your sail full of a warm southwest breeze.





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