Abstracts From The Burn Pile II

Let’s go back to that burn pile I encountered not long ago. I was going to write about what fire had done to the things in that pile, but got distracted by the history and beauty of those unburned old beams. The “input” of the pile took over. I’d been meaning to focus on the “output”.

Diversion and distraction, that’s life. Oh well. Let’s try again.

There were sheets of metal in the pile. The barn these came from had a fire in their cheese and dairy processing room a while back. I think the sheets must have come from there.

Fire, demolition, more fire, and exposure, have left their marks. Some sheets had holes, and folds. I’m not fully sure of how the marks and patterns have formed, but they’re fascinating.


Could this next image be a dancer?


Raking sun shows the uneven surface and accentuates the colors.


Compositions in geometries….


In our last image, overlapping sheets, sun, and shade have combined to make an abstract landscape.












4 responses to “Abstracts From The Burn Pile II

    • I sure do. Alas, our open burns in these parts must be fully out by 4PM. Irrelevance has great appeal for digressors. I am a digressor, for sure. Thanks so much for visiting the ‘pile.

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