Scenes on the Shore

We’re on the South Shore a lot these days, what with exercising the doglet, but she’s had so many posts lately that we’ll leave her out of this one, and just share a few images from this foggy, warm, midwinter day.

We’ve had over three inches of rain in the last week, and the Great Pond has risen noticeably. Crab Creek is about to overflow its banks.


Crab Creek at high pond. 

The marshes at Black Point are flooded, and at the end of the walkway you have to wade through thirty feet of inundated path in order to reach the sand.


Flooded Black Point Marsh. 

Near the Opening, the rising water is invading the sand flats.

IMG_2417 (1)

A stake in the water makes calligraphic reflections.

The rusted remnant of a trap, seen close, appears architectural.

IMG_2369 (1)

On a foggy day like this, you feel suspended between sea and sky.

IMG_0076 (1)




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