Snowdrops Are Late This Year

Snowdrop time has finally come to Wishetwurra Farm.

For six weeks or more, the snowdrops have been teasing us.


Once the earth thaws in late winter, snowdrops are on the move, they take advantage of the increasing daylength and increasing warmth to make their annual move to bloom.

Neither cold nor snow stop them for very long.


Our first-to-bloom are on the south side of the house, tucked in at the edge of a stone retaining wall where they are sheltered from north cold.


We finally had a few days warm enough to persuade them to crank out their petals and be flowers.


For weeks, they’d been tantalizing us with big fat buds that wouldn’t open. We’d get to saying “Maybe tomorrow?!?!?”, only to have yet another cold spell. We would look in the morning to see how they were doing, and the buds and stems would be lying flat on the ground. An unhappy sight.

But they’re tough. When the weather warms, the stems again rise up and the buds again hang waiting for the day to come.



The snowdrop appears a delicate thing, but it’s a tough and beautifully adapted to tolerate harsh weather. Its three outer petals shelter the center from rain and snow.


A closer look reveals that a snowdrop is not just white…

There is more to see underneath those three outer petals.


If you gently turn the flower so you can see its underside, more structure becomes visible. Rippled edges, gradations of greens, streaks of lineate pattern adorn the heart of this flower.

What’s that bit of yellow?


All the way inside, is a vibrant yellow core.


The pilot light of spring burns hot in the heart of a snowdrop.

It’s a happy time when the first snowdrops are finally fully open.

The day always comes.

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