Coquina’s Return to Quansoo, Part III.

At the end of Part II, a snowy owl had interrupted our eastward progress.


Snow owl at Tisbury Great Pond Opening area, February 10, 2018

The six legs turned west towards home…


Heading west from the Opening area, Tisbury Great Pond. 

To the north, clouds lingered.


But the southern sky was clearing, shadows were forming.


A beach-colored dog on a beach in full sun is a splendid sight.


Coquina explored the north side of the dunes.

IMG_2084 (1)

My friend RW calls Coquina “Miss Fuzz-butt”.

She’s right.


The dark clouds made a fine backdrop for a portrait.


What a handsome looking creature.






One response to “Coquina’s Return to Quansoo, Part III.

  1. She is ever so lovely, you make a great team. After having Aussies and Border Collies my whole life plus two poodles way in the early days, one a toy, the other a miniature, the only thing that doesn’t look total Aussie about Coquina is the slope of the jaw and how it narrows to the mouth/nose. Everything else is so completely Aussie…the feathers/pantaloons in back, the length of the hair, the ears, eyes, everything. Just that one little line of bone, which of course makes her uniquely Coquina. I’ve found Aussies to be kind, smart, reasonable dogs, and I found my poodles surprisingly brilliant, with great moxy and humor. From the looks of your girl, I think you’ve found the perfect combo and companion. I am quite smitten by her. Blessings to you for a long and joyous life of happy adventures together:)

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