Coquina’s Return to Quansoo, Part II

We left Part One at the rainbow.

The Pot of Gold?

The Pot of Gold is acres upon acres of golden beach grass, left to itself to grow, without houses, without the cancer of civilization spread upon it. Few gifts or wonders are as splendid as this scene.

IMG_1748 (1)

Quansoo Rainbow, February 10, 2018

Coquina did not notice the rainbow. She has her nose to show her wonders.

IMG_1756 (1)

For barely a minute, in an opportune burst of sun, the rainbow was complete.

IMG_1755 (1)

Where there are rainbows there may be rain.

A shower passed by, the drops fracturing the surface of the pond.

Coquina’s coat is thick. What is rain to her?

She kept on sniffing.


She looks up to check on me from time to time.

She likes to know where her humans are.


Water, sand; light, dark.

The dog smells the water.

Shadow rises to meet her chin.


Here the sand is ever shifting. Wind, wave, and tide keep curves in flux.


Her pose reminds me of the lion in Henri Rousseau’s painting “The Sleeping Gypsy”.

We were headed for the dark dunes ahead, where the Opening channel, now closed, was, but I stopped when I saw this….


“This” is a snowy owl, a winter visitor from the north, spending the season in a milder land where food might be more plentiful. Coquina had not noticed the small, still, silhouette ahead, though you can be sure that the owl had noticed us. I hate to bother these beautiful birds, and would hate even more to have Coquina chase one, so I turned and went the other way, calling to the dog to redirect her attention to our changed direction.

IMG_2066 (1)

We headed back to the Crab Creek Bridge by way of the ocean side. Fate rewarded us with strong sun for the walk back. (You’ll see that strong sun in Part III).

Our day’s beach walk was over.

IMG_2137 She paused for a puddle, then to the truck and in for the ride home.

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