Coquina’s Return to Quansoo, Part I

Two weeks ago, Coquina got spayed. At a week post surgery she was trotting up stairs as if they were level ground. Seven or eight years ago I had some internal parts removed. After a week I was able to walk around a little, but stairs? No way. Coquina’s recuperative power has been astonishing to watch. Now that her stitches are out, she has been able to travel back to the Vineyard.

The return means that trips to Quansoo are again possible.

So we went, early one morning. We had to go early, in order to return in time to be home when the truck from the lumberyard was due to deliver material for a repair project.

The sun had recently risen behind broken clouds. The last two weeks have been wet. Quansoo road’s puddlehole population has proliferated. We had a bumpy ride.

Our first sight of water confirmed how wet it has been. The Great Pond has risen at least a foot since our last trip there.


Sign of a rising Pond. The submerged boulder in the right foreground was almost fully exposed to air when we were here two weeks ago.

The new morning sun lit the dune grass. Coquina paused a number of times along the path edges, investigating for scent of previous canine visitors.


Sniffing the verge for “calling cards”.

To our West and North the sky was an active mix of advancing gray and charcoal.


Quansoo and Tisbury Great Pond. February 10, 2018. 

We passed through the dunes to the beach.


Dag advances toward the surf. Clouds advance toward us.

The ocean is immense.

The beach is huge.


Small Dog. Large Beach.

What to do on a large beach?




The wind was brisk, but the day is warm for the season. It’s not totally unexpected, for we’re now closer to the start of spring than we are to the start of winter. In the homes of avid gardeners, early planting of leek seeds have emerged. We’ve passed the milepost of Imbolc, or St. Brigid’s day. Lambing time is coming. The back of winter is broken.


It’s a good day for a windblown back-on-the-beach photo. On a windy beach, fur is your friend. 

To the west, a rainbow leaps into the sky.


Rainbow. South shore of Martha’s Vineyard. February 10, 2018.

It’s a beautiful day.

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