The Recuperator

Coquina was pretty out-of-it for the first two days after her spay surgery.


She was happy to be tended by her humans.


She was also bored. Doing nothing is a ho-hum existence.


If she wasn’t lying on the couch, she was lying on the floor.


She can stay away from her stitches if we remind her, but she’s needed watching at all times. She spends a lot of time wiggling and trying to get comfortable. The cones never worked for her. We took them all back to the pet store, and swapped out for an inflatable balloon-type collar, sort of like what people wear when they’re trying to sleep while on a train or a plane. That’s worked much better. We only put it on her at night, when we’re all sleeping.

Sometimes her stitches are so itchy she can hardly stand it, and from time to time a suture end will stick into her, and she’ll jump up as if someone had purposely poked her with a pin. One of her favored places to lie down has been the top of the gray couch…there’s a “dip” between the back and the cushions, and it looks like there’s less pressure on her belly when she lies down there. A bonus is that from there she can more easily keep an eye on what’s going on.


She likes her “Ma”.


She likes her “Pa”.


It’s been six days since the operation. Four more days, and the stitches come out.

She’s recuperating swiftly.




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