Coquina Is Feeling Pretty Darn Good

Doglet has had it with this invalid stuff. She’s got her usual zip back, and was so ready for action this morning that I took her for a long walk. A couple of miles, it turned out. I took a little video, but can’t show it to you, since WordPress requires considerable extra ransom to show videos on their hosted blogs. This cheap Nor’Englander won’t pay for extortion, so you’ll have to take my word, and imagine that her step is as lively, her energy as high, and her interest in what’s seeing and smelling and doing is right back to pre-surgery levels.

We started our walk with a half mile or so of hilly woods. Then we passed through the WHOI campus, crossed the busy road, and went to the beach. The northwest wind went over our heads, so we were warm enough to dawdle and poke around. So much to smell.


This was the first time she’d been to the beach in a week.

She was a very happy dog.


She indulged the “pupparazzi”.

IMG_1682 (1)

And even consented to a profile shot.

IMG_1683 (1)

She was NOT tired on the way back home. She got the zoomies, actually. Later in the day, after a bit of napping, she was antsy enough that she got another walk, this one through the woods close to home…

She’s as good as well. Stitches come out Friday.

She thanks everyone for their concern.


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