Playtime for Coquina and Levi

We were walking in an old field in the middle of the north shore woods, not far from Waskosim’s Rock.


“Uh-oh…look over there…here come some people with a dog. Better put Coquina on her leash…”

“Some people” were a man and his son. They are from the other side of the town we live in. When I was a boy, I used to have a New Bedford Standard Times paper route which took me over that way. One of the houses I delivered to was the home of the man’s parents. The parents died a while back, the son inherited the house, and he and his family left their life off-Island and came to the Vineyard to live. They’re happy here. Their dog Levi turned out to be almost the same age as Coquina, so we let them loose, to play.


And play they did. They ran, they rassled, they tussled, they pawed and pushed and shoved.

P1260383 (1)

They knocked each other down and got up and knocked each other down again. And ran some more. They had a joyous time, being strong young dogs with much energy.

Some of the expressions in these photos might look a little fierce, but don’t read too much of your human emotions into these dog faces. They were happy.  There was one “Yip!” that said “Ouch! Not too rough now!” Their play sounds were sounds of amity, not confrontation.


The humans talked.

The puppies played.

After a while, conversation time came to a close, and playtime was over.

We went our separate ways.


Coquina fell asleep in the car on the way home.

And then slept most of the afternoon.

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