Woodneck Dog

We chose to go to windswept and wave-tossed Woodneck Beach.

IMG_0971 (1)

Find the dog. 

Coquina cruised by the creek.


A friend says of this picture, “Is she doing a jig?”

You know from the previous post that at a beach, Coquina can go airborne.


Airborne shadow creature.

These next in-the-air shots are from when we were calling her back and forth between us. It’s a good game. The rule is, we call “Come!” and if she comes, she gets a treat. That’s good fun, and a game she goes at joyfully.




As she tore back and forth, she’d end each leg by plopping down in the sand next to us. Coquina knows that a great place to be, when dealing with a human who wants something, or if you want your human to be nice, is to sit or lie down.


It’s easier for your human to give you a treat if your mouth is not in motion. 

All beach trips eventually are over.

IMG_1332 (1)

Homeward bound we were.

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