A Stroll to Lambert’s Cove

We were coming home from the ferry when “It’s so nice, let’s stop at Lambert’s Cove on the way home!” came into our minds. So we took a right after Tashmoo Farm, and headed north. At the beach, there was one other car in the parking lot, a far cry from August, when there are no spaces available, and there are cars on the roadsides, too, wedged into the verge for hundreds of yards in either direction.

The path in, usually soft and sandy, was ice, ice, ice.


Thanks to recent storms, fresh sand has built up on the back of the inner dunes.


When you walk over the dune crest, the beach, and Vineyard Sound, lie before you.

IMG_0514 (2)

Coquina was beside herself to be on the beach.

IMG_0521 (1)

We’re a couple of days into a January thaw. The James Pond outlet is flowing.


Storms, winds, freezes and thaws, have left their marks.


At the other end of the beach from the James Pond outlet, Black Brook meanders  into the Sound. To the right of the photographer’s shadow, a cedar tree has been dislodged, and has slid into the stream.

IMG_0553 (1)

Happydog pranced with her shadow.


She got beachdrunk.

IMG_0555 (1)


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