Variations on a Theme

Last week came a day so cold that we just stayed inside. Such days are days for inside projects. One such project was to husk (and shell) our little crop of “Floriani” meal corn. It was a good morning to sit with the morning coffee, perched on a stool by a warm fire.


Corn and coffee on the hearth.

We here at Wishetwurra Farm planted saved seed this year, from last year, when we planted other varieties of corn in addition to the Floriana. The seed we planted hybridized with some of those other stocks. Our crop was not “true”, but we weren’t concerned. What we got were some nice variations on the theme of “Floriani”.


One of the rules of good design is to have repetition, variety, and contrast. We got that. From almost black to yellow-topped orange, this crop served our eyes a feast of color variations on the theme “Floriani”.

In weeks and months to come, this corn, ground to meal, will be used to cook with, for actual feasting.

This corn makes wonderful breads, waffles, and pancakes.



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