The Dog Did Another Interesting Thing

The dog did another interesting thing. When she was taken outside for her morning
“business”, she stopped to investigate the new-fallen snow. She then started licking up the snow, leaving a trail like a snail’s in the fresh dusting of white.

IMG_0344 (1)

Coquina leaves a trail of snowlick. What was she doing? 

We couldn’t figure out what she was doing.

Since she’s a quirky critter, we left it at that.

There are plenty of theories about why a dog would eat snow. Some of the theories seem pretty anthropomorphic, and try to explain the behavior from a human perspective. Other ideas include the simplicity of thirst or the pleasure of feeling snow in the mouth. Worrywarts fear that excessive snow eating could indicate disease, perhaps diabetes.

I have subsequently come across the idea that dogs will lick up snow in order to take scent, since the melting of the snow in the mouth will release odor molecules, which the dog can then smell.

That’s a nice theory, isn’t it?

Smelling? Here’s an interesting little NPR piece from the intertubes:

Since Coquina can’t talk to us and tell us what she was doing and why —

we’ll just have to leave it at that…


One response to “The Dog Did Another Interesting Thing

  1. Maybe she just wanted to taste it! I think this might be her first snow? My grandmother’s poodle loved playing in her first snow, but with woolly legs came back in on four pillars of snowballs.

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