More Coquina Portraits

Coquina is quite qute.

And affectionate…

IMG_0499 (1)

In this post are four new portraits of the young dog. As she matures, she’s been getting furrier and furrier. The onset of winter’s cold seems to have accelerated the process. Over the last six weeks or so, the furryshow has been at her back end.

Ladies and Gents, here is Miss Fuzzybutt.


Every few weeks, a different part of her seems to suddenly grow more luxuriant. The center of activity has lately moved forward.

In the photo below her new neck ruff is on display.

IMG_0493 (1)

Coming over on the ferry the other day, she was in a patient mood, waiting for her hu-Mom to return. So out came the camera.

At one point, the geometries of the shadow shapes and range of light intensity caught my eye.

IMG_0498 (1)

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