Portraits of Coquina

Miss Doglet sat for a three-minute “I’m fifteen pounds now, and not all-puppy anymore” photo session on the morning of the second of January, 2018.

She is still the Mistress of Cuteness.

IMG_0374 (3)

Her “Miss Goofball” aspect is  often apparent.

IMG_0377 (1)

“Alert and Inquisitive” are good adjectives for Coquina.


Few dogs will gaze directly at you for long periods of time, but she makes eye contact often enough to keep her owners tied in knots.

IMG_0380 (2)

She looks a tad pensive here, but maybe it’s just a lingering scent from the fingers…


Here she goofballs with one of her favorite toys.


Coquina extends to you the happiest of New Year greetings.


3 responses to “Portraits of Coquina

  1. I read in the NY Times that when the fires raged in Santa Rosa, the dogs ran to their owners and the cats ran away and many are still in hiding and are being searched for.
    Quite a different response.

  2. She is so beautiful, and obviously quite a uniqe being. Aussies and Border Collies will look long and steadily into their loved one’s eyes. I’ve only had these two breeds my whole life, pure or mixed, they are remarkable companions to those of us who count on deep, non verbal connections with our furries, and they just get better with age:)

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