Quansoo at Day’s End

“It’s fifty degrees and calm at four o’clock in the afternoon, so it will be nice and pleasant down at the beach…”

That’s what I thought when I got in the truck and headed south for an end-of-the-daylight walk to the opening.

Thought: wrong.

Weather at Quansoo: The temperature is well down into the forties. There is a solid westerly breeze. Even with warm clothes, insulated vest, and lined jacket, it was chilly almost to the point of discomfort.

But the beauty of the place is fair exchange for a shiver or two.


Powerful winds above made a constantly shifting cloudscape.


A flock of gulls swirled about a sinuous Crab Creek.


The opening from Tisbury Great Pond to the Atlantic is sinuous also.


In August the sand here is nothing but footprints.

Today there is hardly a print to be seen.

IMG_0035 (1)

Sunset comes and goes. The sky colors. Clouds sweep over exposed sand flats.


As last light leaves, Crab Creek’s curves are brightly limned.

IMG_0136 (1)

Ahead is the bridge.


It’s time to cross over.

Time to go home.


One response to “Quansoo at Day’s End

  1. Your photos are gorgeous. Quansoo is my favorite place on the Island, but I don’t get there as often as you. (I live down-island and work in E-town). Thank you for sharing the sea and sky …

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