Mining the Archives

Some of my photographs have been “packed away” in backup, and after a period in limbo, are now accessible to me again.

I’ve been poking through these thousands of images. It’s fascinating to see what attracted my eye ten years ago, and how I approached my subjects, compared to how I might see and photograph them today. One of these days I might try to describe the differences in how I see today, versus ten years ago.

Here are a small selection of the images.

Than, as now, the natural world and color attract me.


Toad in the Shower, Costa Rica.




My entomologist friend Matt Pelikan says: “Matt Pelikan ID’d these: The robber fly is a female Efferia aestuans, and the prey is a male eastern forktail, Ishnura verticalis.”




The Spider Who Could Span a Two-by-Four. Costa Rica.




A Spider’s Dinner, Costa Rica.




Broken Pavement, New York City




“LLANTAS WAM” might be my favorite business name ever, anywhere. Just off the Pan American Highway, San Isidro de El General, Costa Rica.





What it’s all about…



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