Littoral Panoramae

If you have spent any time at the tompostpile, you know that I frequently go the Martha’s Vineyard’s south shore beach, in particular to Quansoo and Black Point Beaches. They are places I have been coming to for almost seventy years.

IMG_5267 (2)

Arriving at the shore.

For seventy years I have come, often pausing at dunetop when I make the transition from land to shore. Here in New England there are only so many place where you have a horizon unimpeded by trees. Stop, slowly turn 360°, and the view never fails, whether sunny or stormy, day or night, moon or no moon. Here, the sky is always your companion.


Eye in the sky.    South Beach, Martha’s Vineyard.

Once, on a moonless summer night, when I turned to look, the fireflies were so numerous that the marsh looked like a great city viewed from an airplane high in the sky.

On late afternoons on sunny fall and winter days, the reeds glow in powerful golds and tans.


Late afternoon & late fall: Little Black Point Pond with Black Point Pond in the distance. 

Once in a while, a few times a year, when you cross over the dunes you find fresh excavator tracks. That means that the Great Pond has been opened to the sea.

IMG_5200 (1)

There will be freshly exposed sand flats.


There’s plenty to see.


At the edge of the sea.


Sundog at Sunset.

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