Coquina is Back…

I’ve been asked, “Where’s Coquina????”

“Where are the Coquina posts???”

Coquina got back yesterday, so here’s a Coquina post.

She’s been Away, on a trip to Vermont. It was time for her to meet more of her human “pack” and to sink her puppy teeth into a couple of grandsons. Word is that she had a good time. On a visit to John and Mary’s, she was allowed into their fenced garden to eat what ever she wanted. She ate beans. She likes beans.

I missed that little dog. A friend of ours, a dog and horse whisperer, suggested that if I got too forlorn I should sleep with my head in the puppy’s crate. She’s a wise woman, even if her initials are BS.

We celebrated her return with a trip to the beach.


The tide was coming in.


The beach is this dog’s “happy place”.


It was a fine, shadowy afternoon.


Running around in sand, scrambling over rocka and seaweed, make for sleepy pet.


And supper plus a place to lie down equals fast asleep.

Our friend RW saw the photo below and said: “Looking at the two dots above Coquina’s eyes reminded me of the style of making eyebrows in old Japan called ‘toi yama’ (distant mountain).”


RW sent this link about toi yama:


What a lovely sounding word.

Thanks, RW.


2 responses to “Coquina is Back…

  1. I’ve been told that the markings over a dog’s eyes are so their enemies will think they are awake when they are sleeping.

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