Swell Waves, Wavy Waves, Regal Presence.

In late September when hurricanes frolic offshore, we often have days of still and foggy weather. Mildew thrives. Ferryboats toot.


“View” from a foggy ferry voyage. 

Clearer, dryer air has been moving in. The first cool air of the fall is predicted to arrive soon. Hurricanes Maria and Lee have have suddenly spun to the east, and have left us. What is still here are remnant swells and waves.

Our house is over two miles from the beach. To step outside on days such as these is to hear surfsound.

A surfsound that invites you to drop what you’re doing and to come take a look.


South Beach Surf.

Invitation accepted!


Late afternoon South Beach surf. 

Waves sweep up onto the shore. Their return wash still has strength. When backwash meets onrush, the energy from each sometimes has nowhere to go but up.


Waves meet to make a bouquet of spray. 

Look closely at the image below.

You’ll see a traveller.

A migrator.

P1230924 (1)

Fall migrator.

A monarch butterfly!


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