Stunset Seduction, Quansoo

Four O’clock.

There was surf sound in the distance.

So I thought I’d zip down to Quansoo for an hour, to see the swells and waves that were calling so enticingly.

I was not the sole soul with that notion.

P1230899 (1)

South Beach Surf Seekers, Quansoo.

Sandpipers scattered and skittered in the swash.

P1230903 (1)

In the West, the stage was being set.


Sunset Nears, South Beach.

How about a sunset panorama with the phone?

IMG_4074 (1)

High to the north, a feather drifted. I’ve since found out that this was a fallstreak hole, caused by a disturbance in the supercooled water-droplet altocumulus cloud layer…something, often a plane or jet, will set off a sudden phase change, the water droplets turn to ice, and then fall and “streak”…it’s a somewhat uncommon and fascinating cloud phenomenon. Here’s a link to wikipedia’s writeup on the subject.

P1240147 (1)

Fallstreak hole cirrus ice wafts down from the altocumulus layer.

Birds gathered on the flats.

I walked slowly. They stayed put.

P1240119 (1)

Birds on flats. Quansoo Sunset.

Michael Kahn (a very good photographer, by the way) was fishing.


The colors deepened and changed.

P1240163 (1)

Time to start heading back.


From the dune tops I returned to the ocean side to see distant detail.

P1240191 (1)

To end the trip, I took shots using Crab Creek as reflector and mirror.



My hour at the beach was one hundred and twenty eight minutes long.


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