Coquina Update.

This little pup is thriving.

For some reason she still likes the beach.

We’ve had a long Northeast blow, days, worth, with inches of rain. The other afternoon, the rain quit for a while, so we thought we’d brave a trip to Lambert’s Cove Beach. It was so windy we didn’t make it off the walkway onto the shore.

IMG_3891 (1)

Too windy to walk the shore.

It was a blow-the-ears-backwards kind of day.

IMG_3889 (1)

But not too windy for the gale to bring smells from the sea. 

Our next-door neighbor came over to meet her.


A good time was had by both.


On a whim the other day, we weighed her.

Two weeks ago she was less than five pounds.

Today she weighs six pounds two ounces.


That would be six pounds and two ounces of pure goofball.





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