More Coquina Beachery

Hurricane/Storm José is in the Atlantic to our south right now.

Perfect beach weather! Into the truck and off we go…first stop, Crab Creek parking lot.


Come on!

IMG_3829 (1)

Coaxing is no longer necessary to get her to cross the bridge.

IMG_3826 (1)

Some day she’ll hear us say, “Wanna go to the beach?” and bark cheerful assent. We use words to her a lot, hoping that she’ll learn lots of them, from her toys to peoples’ names. In my dreams she learns the names of my tools, and brings them to me as requested.

Swells and surf are building, and we’re getting a long, wet, windy spell of weather.

IMG_3764 (1)

Wetness, wind, and waves. 

There is sand to dig, and look!, here’s a nice chunk of charcoal from someone’s long-extinguished beach party fire…


Let me bring it to you!


Yes, this small dog sure does love beaching. She perks up and starts running and jumping around almost as soon as she arrives.


What a gift to watch the beach ignite sparks of fun inside her puppy brain.

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