Coquina and Reflecto-Coquina

A couple of evenings ago, Coquina looked down the dark back hall, and got wildly agitated and barky. She had seen motion in the reflections from the glass door. When she went up to the glass, there was another “dog” there, and her barking redoubled.


Coquina and Reflecto-Coquina. This picture is far below our usual standards, but it gives the idea. It was the best image I could coax out of my phone camera. 

We hung out with her, told her everything was fine. When we slid the door to the side, there was no other dog, and there was no smell of any other dog having been there. How peculiar! We calmly explained to her that she was encountering a reflecto-Coquina, and even if she didn’t understand yet, everything was cool.

She was not convinced. We dropped the subject and distracted her.

We have recently spent a few days salvaging items from a house about to be torn down. One item we acquired is a decent teak-framed mirror. We leaned the mirror against the wall in the study, and didn’t think any more about it until last night Coquina discovered “that reflecto-dog” again. She wasn’t nearly as startled as the first time. But there were some barks and yips. We turned out the light. Begone, reflecto-dog! Tomorrow is another day.

This morning she found reflecto-dog again…


An encounter with reflecto-dog.

She extended an invitation to play…


Hey! Wanna play?

Reflecto-dog responded with precise and exact mimicry.



Reflecto-dog responded lick-for-lick!


Utter parity. 

Nose to nose, chin to chin, playfully getting acquainted.


There’s nothing like a reflecto-pal…

Try to get me!




Fun times in Reflecto-Land!




2 responses to “Coquina and Reflecto-Coquina

  1. So glad to find Coquina has found playfulness. When you said that she would just stay where put, I was thinking you may have a dog like my Mom’s last-but-one rescue. So timid, she basically never barked – only once in the 8 years Mom had her did she forget herself and barked twice. So I’m happy Coquina has settled in.

  2. She has settled in and is absolutely thriving. She’s young enough so she’s still in the “socialization” stage, so we’re introducing her to all sorts of things, so they won’t cause freakout when she encounters them in later life. It’s been decades since we’ve had a pup around. Chew chew chew no don’t eat that shoe!

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