Coquina at the Beach…

Please forgive this besotted author if the tompostpile seems to have entered an “All Puppy All the Time!” phase.

Our hearts have been stolen by five pounds of little dog.


Coquina the Cute.

I hadn’t known that “puppy” is from the French word for doll: “poupée”.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 10.30.40 PM

You learn something new every day.

We’ve learned that she likes the beach.


Coquina trots to the  beach

She’s curious about everything, including the camera.

P1230741 (1)

What’s that???

The beach is a place to run.


The pup who a week ago was immobile on a pillow!

A place to leap.


Pouncing on a chunk of charcoal.

A place to dig.



What’s in there?

P1230746 (1)

Head in the sand.

The beach is a glorious place.


A beachdrunk doglet.

There are flats, and there are also steep grades to navigate.


Going downslope…

She was as cheerful to leave the beach as to arrive.


On the way back to the truck, unable to resist the siren song of the saltmarsh, she suddenly leapt off the edge and fell two feet onto the soft mats of spartina grass.

She was startled, but her four feet felt fine.

So she sniffed around in delighted, expanding circles.


To my insensitive human nose the the saltmarsh is an enticing song of smells.

For Coquina, those scents must seem a symphony.




6 responses to “Coquina at the Beach…

  1. All puppies all the time is fine with me. I didn’t realize the puppy/poupée connection either, but it sure makes sense. Did Coquina really weigh only 5 pounds when these pics were taken? She looks bigger. OTOH, my perceptions are probably distorted because my Travvy weighed 11 pounds when he was 9 weeks old . . .

    • She was under 5# when we picked her up, and exactly 5# 3 days later on her first vet visit. We plopped her into a towel-lined bowl on our kitchen scale yesterday and she’d made it to 6#2oz. 18 ounces of gain in two weeks. The photos in this post were taken day 11, so she’s probably 5 1/2 to 5 3/4 in these images.

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