The Addition Has a Name

In the last post, you met the “addition”.

The addition is a new puppy, who came into our lives a few days ago. She and her unwanted siblings showed up at a rescue organization in a cardboard box. We wanted her. We offered her a home, and were accepted.


First Contact.

The fears of first contact are fading. We welcomed her home with love.


At first, she just stayed in her crate, or would remain still wherever she was placed. As she got braver she’d move around on a mat or a towel. But forget walking on the wood floor, or the stone of the walkway outside!

IMG_3499 (1)

With coaxing and enticing, she would conquer the floor.

So who is this cute critter?



Her mother was a Kentucky mini-Aussie who had a wild and unexpected affair.. We’re told the unwanted but successful suitor was a mini-poodle.

She’s named after a tiny little variably colored clam whose shells are scattered all over the beaches in the Florida town where Christine grew up.

IMG_3502 (1)

Coquina. (At twelve weeks and five pounds.) 






2 responses to “The Addition Has a Name

  1. Tom – I’ve been enjoying your Facebook posts on Cochina and just reread these here. Nicer package and a larger picture of a lovely loved and lively little dog. Thanks for sharing these impressions and experiences. What a sweet story.

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