Out in a Field

Cut cut cut.

Cut cut cut.

Cut cukes, garlic, onions, peppers and more sat salted in the big bowl.


Preparing Pickles.

There were three hours to wait before the next step of picklemaking.

We were ready for a walk.

Outside, the sky was brilliant.


Last-days-of-August Sky.

We drove across town to the corner of “Nat’s Farm”.


Nat’s Farm: http://sheriffsmeadow.org/property/nats-farm/

As we started along the path, we saw another wanderer.

P1230633 (1)

Orange striped oakworm.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anisota_senatoria

One of the pleasures of Martha’s Vineyard is varied topography. We’ve got forest and field, hilly and rolly, rural and town.


Up the rise…

In the outwash plain, we have       f    l   a    t    n    e    s    s    .


The flatness of the outwash. 

Cloudform momentarily echoed forestform.


Clouds echo trees echo clouds. 

We left full of images and thoughts of field.

IMG_3402 (1)

End-of-summer fieldscape. 

We waved good by to the acres of little bluestem grass.


Little bluestem in the west wind. 

And the little bluestem waved back.

7 responses to “Out in a Field

  1. Trav and I walk around that field just about every day. Well, we walk about half of it every day. Which half depends on whether we’re coming from Pine Hill (across Old County from the parking area) or up the bike path from the school. On the Misty Meadows side we see horses. At various times there’ve been goats, sheep, and cattle out in the big field. We’ve watched several years’ worth of poults grow up. The wind through the grasses and the sky up above are never the same.

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