Love Apples

Love Apples.


“Pomodoro”, in Italian.

“Tomato” in English, and the word is similarly sounded in many other languages.


Big tomatoes, from the seeds that Albert got from some Italian guy.  Albert gave us some plants. Now we got tomatoes.

Tomatoes are “Nyanya” in Swahili.

IMG_3303 (1)

“Big Tomato” = “Nyanya Kubwa”

They’re”Yaanyo” in Somali, and “Utamatisi” in Zulu.


These striped ones are “Schimmeig Hollow Stuffer” tomatoes.

Late summer means it’s time to eat tomatoes, to dry tomatoes—

IMG_3311 (1)

A tray of tomato slices, just pulled from the dehydrator. When the slices went in, their edges were almost touching. 

A tomato slice loses about 90% of its weight after a session in the dryer. Some slices remain translucent, and spectacularly show their structure and color when held in the sunshine.


Hold a dried tomato slice to the sun, and…

And it’s time to make sauce with tomatoes…

IMG_3310 (1)

Starting another batch of tomato sauce. Our tomato sauce is often a third or more “other stuff”, like onions and garlic and squash and chard and handsfuls of herbs. The bowl above the cooking pot holds grandson Tristan’s chard, which is being added to the mix.

It’s time to give tomatoes away…

It’s time to not be able to pick all your tomatoes…

It’s time to marvel at tomatoes…

IMG_2980 (1)

We planted some “Zapotec” tomatoes this year. They are insanely lobate. Riotously lobate.

We never saw such tomatoes as these silly Zapotecs.


The Zapotec is an inspiring tomato.

One of the Zapotecs had the Soul of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Tomato…

Not long afterward, we caught a “cousin”.


For a few days now, the cousins have kept an eye on us from the sink windowsill.


They don’t talk much, but they’re very expressive.



2 responses to “Love Apples

  1. Your blog post, your vast, diverse garden and these tomatoes are inspirational and very entertaining To you, Tom! To mato!

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