Dawn Beach

Yesterday’s post had but one pic, of geese, clouds, and grass.


Geese at Dawn, Quansoo

There were more beach pix from that dawn trip.

Here are some of those more…


Great blue heron hunts for breakfast, Crab Creek, Quansoo, Chilmark, MA

Dawn at the beach is a fine time.


First light on south Beach, Chilmark, MA

Rolling in were last remnants of the previous day’s waves.


South Beach Swells, Chilmark, MA

Gulls waited to see what the waves might bring.


The Opportunists, Chilmark, MA

To the southwest, east-facing Squibnocket Cliffs loomed in first light.


Squibnocket Cliffs, Chilmark, MA

Later, leaving, I was happy to see an early-blooming clump of pink swamp mallow.


Swamp mallow, Hibiscus Moscheutos

One of this year’s garden projects has been raising a few dozen mallow plants from seed. They’re ready to transplant out now.

Where to put them?

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