Morning Wishetwurra Flowers

A quick stroll through the Wishetwurra Farm garden this morning yielded flower photos.

The scarlet runner bean has been pokey and slow all summer. Now it’s finally taken hold and is growing up the twelve-foot-high pole we put in for it.


Scarlet Runner Bean Flowers.

I lingered at the zinnia patch, which is thriving.


The Zinnia Patch.

Such good colors.

IMG_3073 (1)

The Zinnia Patch.

Some blossoms so enthusiastic that petals are coming up in their very centers.


Enthusiastic Yellow Zinnias

Here are pink fireworks from a cactus-flowered variety.


To close, we’ll give a nod to a flower that we grow every year.

The “mexican sunflower”, or Tithonia.



What a color.

One response to “Morning Wishetwurra Flowers

  1. Tithonia Torch is a flower I grow every year, too. I love it’s velvety stem and strong, sunset-shaded, opaque petals of simplicity. While it doesn’t last long as a cut flower, it sure makes a statement, especially when paired with the mid-blue hues of delphinium, or a handful of zinnias, daliahs, smaller sunflowers, okay: anything or nothing.

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