MidAugust 2017 Wishetwurra Farm Garden

Mid-August. Summer is less than six weeks from its equinoctial end. Shocking!

Here’s what the garden looks like right after a foggy and drismal night. “Good Morning!”, say asparagus plants that will soak you to the skin at the slightest brush.


The first rays of dawn will turn these fronds into diamond-spangled schmoos. 

In our next photo, we see the other side of the asparagus, where pease have come and gone and a late planting of Costa Rican beans, red ones and black ones, is beginning to climb the black netting. A second planting of pease, frequently watered and well mulched with eelgrass, is preparing for its own ascent. In the foreground you can just see leaves of a winter squash planting.


In previous years our attempts at fall pease have not done well. This year we’ve tried planting a week or two earlier than ever before. Perhaps that will do the trick. 

The summer squashes are doing fine. The first planting has come and gone. The second planting is almost done for. The third planting started to bear last week, and the fourth planting has just broken ground.

Our strawberry bed got sick, and we ripped it out. Down the center we planted pickling cucumbers. The rest of the space has been sown to a cover crop of oats and beans. If there’s time and energy, when the cukes are finished we’ll put four inches of manure atop the cover crop growth, resow with oats, and put our spring pease here next spring.


In the next photo, taken directly across from the photo above, you see asters and zinnias and gladiolus on the left of the image. The screentop boxes protect fall broccoli and cole family seedlings from the cabbage butterfly. On the fence is another planting of fall pease. In between rows are more plantings of cover crop…mixed oats and beans. To the right are more oats’n’beans, planted a month ago, on top of a thick manure mulch that went into the corn patch.


We’ll be back soon with looks at more aspects of the late summer garden.


2 responses to “MidAugust 2017 Wishetwurra Farm Garden

    • Thank you for your kind words. I have not shown you pictures of the edges! If you saw those, you’d change your tune some. One of these days I’ll make a post about my battles with the weeds.

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