Quansoo at the End of the Day

Off to Quansoo.

The ostensible reason for going to Quansoo was to locate a missing sign, but at this time of year, going to Quansoo needs no reason, and is high up in the “pure pleasure” level of motivation.

After motivating down the miles of dirt road, I got up on the roof of the truck to take this photo.


Departing Fog, Quansoo.

We crossed Crab Creek.


Christine Crosses Crab Creek, Quansoo. 

The water was warm.


Testing the Water, Quansoo.

We headed off in search of the sign.


Red Boat, Quansoo

The Pond is low now, it’s been opened to the ocean.


Quansoo Opening

We headed home.


(We found the sign)


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