A Little Walk on Little Bay

From time to time we like to go for a walk. The gods of serendipity often look on our walks with favor, and dish up unexpected surprises. It was also someone’s birthday,  and a birthday walk to somewhere you’ve never been is a nice gift, no? ”

We headed north on a Shore Road, and passed an interesting sign. “Little Bay”, said the sign. The passenger suggested to the driver that we turn around, and we did. The day was gray and damp with a gentle wind from the northern quarters. We walked into the woods, following a well-but-not-too-well-trod path through hilly, mixed forest moraine.


Mixed oak and pine skeleton skyline. Cape Cod glacial moraine, Pocassett, MA. 

Not long afterward we crossed the old railroad tracks, once the main transport link in these parts. Now traffic is at the vanishing point, and wheelmen (what bicyclists used to be called) and others are agitating that these easy grades lose their tracks to become a “rail trail”, for folks on two wheels and two legs.


The vanishing railroad.

On the other side of the track’s cutbank was a steep drop to the shore.

An oyster farmer’s shack and float were just off the beach.


The oyster farmer’s shack and floats. 

Along the sand we strolled.

IMG_2952 (1)

Here, strings of islets, strung together by sand, connect to the land. 

In windlull, a connected islet reflected.


Islet and tombolo, Pocassett, MA

We encountered an angler about to set forth.


Angler and paraphernalia, Little Bay, Pocassett, MA.

We met a persistant red cedar.


Hanging on…

A cawing crow and a noncooing dove were on a steel rail.


Crow and dove.

And, after crow and dove….


…comes a pile of pathside love.


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