The Miracle on the Car Tire

What’s THAT?

You don’t expect to see a light green anything on a tire, but there it was, a light green thing, in the shadows of the car’s wheel well.


A cicada, in the process of emerging!


You don’t see something like that everyday.

P1230343 (1)


What an arduous process.

IMG_2724 (1)

At this point, I had to leave, but my wife stayed, and took a few more photos.

IMG_1011 (1)

Wings unfurled…

IMG_1016 (1)

And then, wingful, off it went to the the wide world…

Leaving behind the old shell.


May all go well with you, cicada.



5 responses to “The Miracle on the Car Tire

  1. How miraculous to see this close up. Thank you!! The wings are especially beautiful and the real life scale of the last shot. ga

  2. It’s already been said so beautifully! Thank you for your observant eye & good camera work.

    Bruce Blackwell

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