LA, CA Olio, 2017

If you take a lot of photos, there are always some that are hard to put into coherent groupings. For that reason, the ‘pile from time to time produces an olio. An olio is a mixture of various things, a potpourri, a miscellaney, a mishmash, a salmagundi, or perhap, in my case, a “hodge”-podge.

Here is a Californiacian stew for you…from architectural details to fruit to someone about to kiss a frog to a license plate holder.

P1210564 (1).jpg

Tile “mandala”, Manhattan Beach, CA


Odd name for a business. Terrible sign “design”.


Flowers love the Mediterranean climate. These are gazanias. Gazania! What a handle. Gazania is the flower whose name wants you to reply with “Gesundheit!”



Painting on the wall of an elementary school.

P1210750 (1)

It’s frog-kissing time in Polliwog Park. 

This facade has a certain “Je ne sais quoi”, doesn’t it?


Wouldn’t you love it if your town had a rocket like this somewhere?


Found in the wash line of a Manhattan Beach wave. 


No rocket? Then how about a “paper” airplane?



Was this street plug chosen by the same person who chose the color of those trash receptacles you just saw in the facade photo? 


License plate holder. 

Strange fruit. The grandsons called it a “butt-lemon”.


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