A Spectacular Sky

About a month ago, the Old-Time and fiddle band I play with went to perform at the Tisbury Memorial Day Picnic. We have performed at this event for over thirty years now. “If it’s Memorial Day, we must be playing at the old Water Works!” Only once have we been rained out, and only once have we had a rain date. The rain date year was this year.

We were just about to play our next tune when motion above us caught my eye. An osprey was soaring over us, with a large fish in its talons. As it disappeared from view, I noticed colors, and then arcs and rays in the sky.


The weather front that had pushed out the rain had brought with it some of the most spectacular sky phenomena we’ve seen around here in a while. Even though we were about to play a tune, I involuntarily spoke up, “WOW! Would you look at that!” And we looked, and we all “wowed”, and so did most of the other people there.


There were a lot of different effects going on, from halos to parhelic arcs to sundogs to nacreous clouds. (For a previous post on celestial delights, see https://thetompostpile.wordpress.com/2016/05/19/trip-to-boston-includes-a-celestial-wonder/ )


What a show to see during a show!

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