A Half Dozen Memory, Please.

One benefit of my computer death has been that I can now easily access about 38,000 photos that I’d previously only been able to get to with some hassle.

Here are a half dozen images from Memory Lane. Some of them are among the very first digital exposures I ever made, with my Canon A630 camera, which wore out after about a hundred thousand actuations. I got very fond of that camera.

It was cold, that winter when that camera came into my life.


Ice on Crab Creek, Chilmark, MA.

How cold was it?


And cold for weeks, too.


Cold Crab Creek, Chilmark, MA. This is salt water. 

We had a monster snow that year.


After the big snow. 

After winter, as always, came spring.

There’s something about a sunny, windless, early spring day.

On such a day, we went for a walk, up in the Chilmark hills.



A walk in March. Chilmark, MA.

The colors of moraine and field are subtle and simple, but the textures are complex.


Down in the valley, near the Tiasquam River, we were lucky, and saw the first bare feet of the new season.



First spring feet, Chilmark, MA. 

2 responses to “A Half Dozen Memory, Please.

  1. Love these! Especially the photo with the big cracked rock with tree shadows (that photo inspires a whole story), and the tree feet!

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