Three New Things.

Lazyblogging. But every day, for a while, something…habits need forming.

So. It’s today. We have three pictures and some commentary.

Thing #1. A box of empty peapods.

IMG_2199 (1)

Serious peapicking has begun here at Wishetwurra Farm. The first two boxes of peasecods have become boxes of empty peapods, and packages of shelled pease now sleep in the freezer, ready for winter eating.

Recently arrived from their new home in Japan, two grandsons are here for summer vacation. They have gotten bigger.


Today before breakfast we: shelled and ground corn to meal for our pancakes. Discussed blueberry farming in Japan. Made White pine needle tea, Messed around in the garden. And more. 

Over in the sign shop, as recreation, I have made, for fun, a few signs that nobody every asked to make.


If it weren’t such a hokey pun, I’d make a sign for Pine Tree Lane that says “no yew turns”. 

There are more of these signs in my future.

Any suggestions?

3 responses to “Three New Things.

  1. No but it reminds me of working at the fish market for Everett Poole-there was a big wooden enclosure out on the dock around the pump that pumped the salt water into the lobster tanks- if you peered into it you would see the sign at the bottom that said “what the hell are you looking in here for”

  2. How about, “A SIGN OF THE TIMES”? Under the wording, two clock faces — one the time here, the other the time in Japan.

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