Saddle Up the Blog. And Quansoo.

Time for a new strategy here. Life has been very busy. To use shocking 19th century slang, it’s been awful busy. The ‘pile has been quiet since the computer died, some weeks ago. It’s now fixed. The broken “it-will-never-fail” solid state memory has been replaced. I’ve been trying to resurrect and replace what was lost. The problems of restoration are somewhat like the problems of restoration that came up after my house fire of thirty-two years ago, except they’re “virtual”.

But I digress. I keep not posting.

Tompostpile posts often run to some length. As an experiment, to get saddled back up and on the trail again. In the future, if I can’t come up with a usual-type post, I’ll just pick something interesting from the photo pile, say a few words, and be done. Maybe that will help me get back in the habit.


Here’s a trio of pictures from Quansoo, where I went the other day to pick up litter.


The opening from pond to ocean was still flowing.


The path of the channel is snakey.


Sand is accumulating, and gradually blocking the flow, as always happens.

These photos were taken eight days ago.

Since then, there has been a period of strong southwest wind. The wind’s waves moved much sand along the shore. This opening is now no more, and for the next weeks, possibly a month or more, the level of the pond will be rising.

I’ll get more photos when I go down the next time.

Stay tuned.



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