Sorry about that!

The peonies are blooming at Wishetwurra Farm.


Sorry about the nearly month long absence…there was a reason.

My new computer’s “never fail” solid state memory (“no moving parts to go bad!”) did what they said it wouldn’t do, and failed. To their credit, Apple did not charge for the repair and replacement of the memory, but much was lost because of the failure. Drive #1 just wasn’t solid enough. Let’s hope that #2 will never fail.

Fortunately, I don’t erase and re-use my camera memory chips, and no photos were lost. After loading a backup (which Apple did NOT pay for), there is now ready access to a body of photos from before the compost pile came into being. That body of “ore” will be mined, and perhaps refined into a post or three.

There’s no loss without some gain.

Here’s what I think is the first digital photo I ever uploaded.


The ‘pile will be back with more in the near future. Since it’s almost summer, the “to-do” list is long. But, here in the northern hemisphere, the daylight is also long. That’s good.




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