Morning Stroll, California 2017, or, “What can you see in 45 minutes?”

Yesterday’s dawn stroll was pleasant. I left, and turned right and right and right until I got home.  Today I left and went left, around another part of the neighborhood.

A good time was had by me.

What did I see?


Waterdrop lenses cast shadows on a succulent’s leaf.

Hey, bird on top of a thing! Which way should I go?


The sparrow’s directions.

The bird was high.

A cat was low.


I stopped to admire some extensive xeric plantings, and a wary cat gave me the eye.

There are many ways to treat your front yard.


Water. Grass. As Joni Mitchell said: “the hissing of summer lawns”.

From xeric to irrigated to “edible landscaping”.

At this house were young lime trees at the curb, and between sidewalk and house, tomatoes, peppers, kales, and more.


Edible landscaping.

I saw marvelous masonry.


I give this entry points for its sheer “in-the-moment” masonry enthusiasm.

This Nor’Englander is reveling in the plant life that thrives in this mediterranean climate.


Signs of a sunny clime.

On the next corner, a pair of palms rose high.


Palm pair, Manhattan Beach, CA.

In a driveway, the bedewed back window of an old VW bus held a relic of another “age”.


The decal on the window of the old VW van.

There are so many wonderful plants…I’ll have to give them a post of their own soon.


Fine floral forms.

Here is where we are.

Manhattan Beach knows what they’re all about.


Sun. Sand. Sea.

It’s early. In over a half hour I’ve seen no one. And then…


A dog walker appears.


The morning walkers. Two legs and four legs.

I meet another dogwalker and have a brief chat. He’s lived here since he was ten, has visited the east, says it’s nice and all that, but for him there’s no place like his western home. We exchange more pleasantries, and each go our own ways.

I stop for some topiary.


I salute the topiary.

The walk continues past two more houses, and I’m home.

Forty-five minutes have passed.

Much day remains.


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