A California Trip, May, 2017

Events of the past year have seen my family become farflung. One daughter and her family have moved to the Los Angeles, California area. Another daughter and her family have moved to Japan. So far away. All this moving about means that visits are in order. This first visit is to California. The Japan trip is on the drawing boards.

I have not been to southern California since the mid-1970’s. I drove cross-country in a brand-new Mustang (it was one of those “drive-away” gigs, where you pay the gas and get somebody’s car to deliver somewhere) with my sister, was in LA for about twelve hours, and then hopped in another “driveaway”, this one an automatic transmission VW Beetle, and headed back east. I didn’t see much of LA, but the impressions of that trip, made almost fifty years ago, persist strongly in my memory. If you ever have to drive nonstop the entire length of the state of Texas in a freezing rainstorm, you will remember the occasion!

At home I rose before dawn, watered the plants, and said “goodbye” to Wishetwurra Farm. Drove to the ferry, got to Woods Hole, and bought a ticket to Logan Airport.


On the bus to Boston. Study this image, and you’ll see it’s a bit “trippy”. No photoshop used here, other than cropping the photo to a more horizontal format. 

There are no photos from the trip. The airlines gave me middle seats, so there was no pleasure to be had from sightseeing. But there was a good movie about the Beatles. And the batch of “hermit” cookies, baked for the trip, came in handy. When I walked in the door of the daughters house, I was given a glass of wine and a grandson.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 5.55.24 AM

The grandsons have one of those “fidget” spinner toys.


They were kind enough to let me play with it.


It’s remarkable how still a child can become.

Especially with a three-bladed gadget twirling on the nose.

The next day was a schoolday…off they went.


Across from their school is a splendid house. There are some interesting houses around here. The houses will get their own post, once enough images have been made.


The town I’m in is near the ocean. How California is this picture?


On the road there are reminders that the West Coast is unstable ground.


Cars, cars, cars. California is car country. I’ve never before seen so many Lexi, BMWi, and Tesli.

They have special places for washing them.


There are wonderful plants.


And trees.


Here’s a toast to you…

Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 6.03.53 AM

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