A Miscellany: Things Seen This Week

Allow me to present to you a group of things I’ve seen this week.

We’ll start with the dawn, with the rosy-fingered Eos, coloring the day’s beginning.

P1210261 (1)

Sunrise, from the front door, West Tisbury, Massachusetts

A friend of mine runs a nursery. He had a sign out on the road this week, to advertise his plants. What did the sign say? “Forsythia! Sunshine on a stick!”


Forsythia about to bloom, School Street, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

It’s spring. Real Spring, at last. Spring of swelling buds. Flowers-are-blooming spring.  The spring of no more-frost-at-nighttime. Daffodil-time spring.


Bouquet of daffodils, Wishetwurra Farm, West Tisbury, Massachusetts

Down on the Great Ponds there are hosts of swans.


Swans on Black Point and Little Black Point Ponds, Chilmark, Massachusetts

A few evenings ago I went from the Vineyard to Woods Hole, to go have dinner with some good friends. The air was so pleasant, and the sun so fine, that every step of the half mile was a pleasure. I saw delightful things on that walk.

P1210247 (1)

The colors of a tradesman’s truck window.

Farther along the road, on a side street, were colors in a house door’s window.

P1210255 (1)

Colors in a doorwindow.

Pie in the Sky, a favorite coffee and sandwich place in Woods Hole, has just reopened after a rebuilding project. They have a rest room now. Here is the sign on the door.


New bathroom door, and sign, Pie in the Sky, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Woods Hole is a town full of creativity.

Here is a creative walkway.

P1210253 (1)

Doorstep and walkway, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

There was another walkway, no longer used, that caught my eye.

P1210258 (2)

Serpentine steel walkway railing, Woods Hole, Massachusetts

Early in the week, just after dawn, I went to work at the beach.

I did my work, which was to spread ten bags of lime on the pathways. We have heard that liming will discourage the growth of poison ivy. Lime is not toxic, and chemical weed killers are, so we’re making the experiment of trying to beat back the vines with alkalinity. Four years into the experiment, we have no definitive answer. I suspect the answer is that nothing will stop poison ivy.

When I was done, I went to the beach, which is growing wider as the offshore sandbars make their annual migration back to land.


Sand returns to the shore each spring. A month ago, all the foreground in this photo would have been water and waves. South Beach, Martha’s Vineyard. 

Coming back over the dunes, the shadows were strong on the marsh.


Mornings shadows at Black Point Beach, Chilmark, Massachusetts.

Then I heard the sound of surf and the whistling of swan’s wings.

Here’s what I saw when I turned around.

P1210320 (1)

Swan over dunes, South Beach, Chilmark, Massachusetts.

2 responses to “A Miscellany: Things Seen This Week

  1. Thank you for the tour – I loved the colors in the house window, and the bathroom sign. I see some places here where the bathrooms are becoming unisex. If we can share a bathroom in the house, why not at the cafe??

  2. Thank you for the colors in this morning! Very nice to read and see so many different subjects you noticed.

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