San Jose, Costa Rica. Street Art. Animalia

San José, Costa Rica, is an open-air museum.

Every year I spend time walking the streets looking at the street art. Every year there is new work to be seen.

Did you know that animals populate the walls of San José?

P1200592 (1)

Some of the animals are fantastic.

P1200645 (1)

And like to skateboard.


Some of the animals are real.

Here an iguana lolls near the door of a tattoo parlor.


An owl of paint flies through a city morning.

The owl is framed by scenery both painted and actual.

And is lluminated by light that is also painted and actual.

A blend of fact and fiction.

P1200502 (1)

Tile cats adorn the walls of an underpass near the old National Distillery.

IMG_1340 (1)

Three cats.

IMG_1341 (1)

The cat mosaic is made of domestic tiles and old china.



In the shade alongside of the Artisans’ Market ——


Were two cool cats.

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