A New Sculpture in San José.

In the city of San José, Costa Rica, the corner of Avenida 7 and Calle 15 has long been a vacant lot. The streetside corners of the lot are held back by retaining walls, which we’ve always enjoyed for their ever-changing graffiti.

IMG_1256 (3)

Noteworthy at this corner is a sidewalk-level steel door, always locked, set into the masonry.  I imagine that at one time there was a house on this lot, and this door was a lower-level entrance.

I sometimes call this door the “Door to Nowhere”. The Door to Nowhere got a new paint job over this last year, a nice, colorful paint job. One afternoon we saw a colorfully dressed young woman sitting next to The Door.


A fine photo opportunity. We discovered a moment later that she was posing for someone.  

A microwave/cellphone tower occupies part of this lot.

And as of this year, the tower has a new neighbor.


This new neighbor is also a tall steel structure, but it’s way more fun.


The construction makes a steel fireworks starburst in the San José sky.


It also looks like a flower’s seedhead — dandelion’s seeds, or perhaps salsify’s.

At the heart of the structure is a shaped and welded sphere of metal.


I’d love to know who made this, what the order of work was, and what problems they had to solve in order to create and then install this piece. So far I’ve been unable to find out anything about this sculpture.

I imagine that whatever the difficulties may have been, the makers kept going, remembering their motto:


“Yes We Can!”

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