Eleven Costa Rica Birds, 2017

Here’s a post for all you ornithophiles out there. You know who you are.

Birds are in the city.


Two parrots and a pigeon perch on the National Opera House in San José.

Birds are in the country.


Male and female Red-legged honeycreepers. 

They’re in bushes near houses and along roadsides.


Variable seedeater

They roost on riverbanks.


White ibis on the banks of the Rio Caña Blanca.

They’re in the treetops.

P1160207 (1)

Roadside hawk, treeside. 

They’re pecking their way into trees.


Red-crowned woodpecker. (It might be a Hoffman’s…if I’m wrong please set me right…)

They come visiting near the house the day after the departure of a person who had been looking for them for a solid month.

P1170631 (1)

Slaty-tailed trogon.

They stride upstream and away from you when one afternoon you suddenly show up at a riverbend to go swimming.


A tiger heron with no desire for human company. 

They perch in bamboo.


Scarlet-rumped tanager. 

They’re overhead, all day long.


Zopilotes, or in English, buzzards. 

They come in pairs.


A two of tou-cans. (Yes, they can!)

And they get wet in sudden showers.


Wet roadside hawk, preening and drying off after a soaking shower. 

We’ll come back with a few more birds, one of these posts.

But for now it’s time to fly away.

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